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🪐 ⚛️ Jupyter UI

React.js components 💯% compatible with 🪐 Jupyter.

React.js components

A variety of React.js components from Notebook, Cell, Output and Terminal allow you to get the best of Jupyter, with authentication and authorization.


100% compatible with Jupyter

If you need more batteries for Jupyter, have a look to our Jupyter components.

Components with a Storybook

You build your custom Data Product with well crafted Datalayer UI components. Have a look at the Storybook.

Literate Notebook

For a truly collaborative and accessible notebook, Literate Notebook is a better single-page editor for your data analysis.


Easy to use

Juyter UI is designed from the ground up to be easily installed, used and extended to get your custom data analysis up and running quickly.

Open source

Jupyter UI is built on top of renowed open source libraries and is also fully opensource.


Professional support

Jupyter UI lets you focus on your work, and we'll do the chores. Check the support options.